Instruct Badour to start looking for patterns by adding a keyword to an alert.


There are a couple of customization options that influence how pattern matching is performed:

  • Regex

    Enabling this option will make Badour interpret the pattern as a regular expression. The RE2 syntax is supported.

    Literal matches of the pattern are no longer processed.

  • Case-sensitive

    By default, pattern matching is performed in a case-insensitive matter. Enable this option to make matches case-sensitive.

  • Whole-word

    If you'd like to only count occurrences of the pattern as a match if it appears as a whole word, enable this option. Occurrences of the pattern as part of one (or even multiple) words will no longer be counted as a match.

    Technically: the match is counted if the pattern occurrence is surrounded by two Unicode punctuation characters (category P).

Blocked words

Badour blocks a list of very common words from being configured as the pattern for a keyword. We do this to make sure that users don't accidentally cause Badour to find lots of matches (and send lots of notifications) by making it look for common words like "the", "you", "that", "trump" and such.

More specifically, we block:

  • The top 1000 most common English words
  • The top 1000 most common words on Reddit
  • A couple of very common domains (like,,, etc)

We'll warn you when you try to add a keyword that's on the blocked words list and make suggestions for how to improve your search.