How quickly will I be notified about new matches for my keywords?

We try to notify you about any new posts or comments that mention your keywords in near real-time. For most sites that we currently support, this means you'll receive a notification within 5 minutes of it being posted. Often times, even sooner.

Can Badour detect edits to comments/posts?

No. Each comment/post is only looked at once after initial creation. If the author edits their comment/post afterwards, that change will not be detected or scanned for keywords.

Is support for Twitter planned?

Yes! We plan to add support for Twitter in the near future. This integration will work a bit differently compared to the others, since it's not possible to pass all Twitter posts through Badour's analysis engine like we normally do. Instead, we'll rely on Twitter's search functionality, which should work well for most use cases.

Is support for Facebook planned?

No. Unfortunately, Facebook makes it very difficult to access data on their website in an automated fashion.